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Therapy and Consulting: Similar, but Very Different

While similar, in-so-far as I am both a therapist and a consultant, and some of the ideas I hold about human behavior and creating change, are in many ways connected, my professional identity as an MFT and my identity as a consultant, are not the same. My therapeutic work with clients and my consulting work with clients is different. The type of work done with clients is different. And, my way of being, the relationship between myself and clients, and the interactions I share with clients are also different. 

My professional identity as an MFT is defined by the training I have received and the degrees I have earned, and my therapeutic work has always and will always adhere to the state laws and ethical standards that govern my professional practice. While my identity as a consultant is defined by both personal interest and personal experience, rather than formal training.

Combining, what I have personally learned and applied within my own life (with the help of a consultant) and my professional work with my own consulting clients through the years, to create one-on-one consultation sessions and experiences that are tailored to the individual needs of each consulting client. However, while not governed by the same laws or ethical standards as my work as an MFT,  the work I do with consulting clients will always remain confidential.