Some moments we experience will be easy and feel good; moments to laugh, dance, and celebrate. Moments of achievement and triumph, and moments of happiness and joy. Other moments we experience will be hard and feel difficult or uncomfortable; moments of uncertainty or confusion, moments we perceive as failure, and moments of sadness and loss. Some of the hard moments, we will navigate with grace and ease, while others will be more difficult. Hard moments that become ugly, messy, and full of pain. Hard moments where we may feel lost, alone, and stuck. Stuck in the moment, stuck in our hurt, and stuck in our pain; the thorns of life piercing deeply.  Oftentimes, it is difficult to appreciate every moment or see how each new moment is connected to the moments we experienced in the past and the moments we will experience in the future. This becomes even more difficult when we feel stuck, wounded by the thorns our past, looking for the thorns that are painful to us in the moment, and fearful of the thorns that may hurt us in the future. However, in learning to appreciate these moments, the hard, difficult, uncomfortably painful moments, we may also discover healing and the beauty between each moment that connects. And, like the rosebud, with each new stage of growth and with every new moment, our petals loosen and expand as we bloom. 

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