The Glass of Validity

Is the glass half empty or half full?

Some may say the glass is half empty, while others say half full.

Some may say that logically, there is no way to know whether the glass is either half empty or half full without seeing the complete picture.

Others wouldn’t question the completeness of the picture at all. Instead, they would want to know more about the glass, its contents, its owner; how long has the glass been there, what's in the glass, who does the glass belong to, what lead the owner of the glass to order that particular drink?

No matter how we choose to view the picture, what we see is valid.

Regardless of validity, however, our picture, the one we paint for ourselves and even those of others is steeped within our own epistemological perspective, and dripping with assumption.

We often give little thought to where our drops of assumption will fall on the picture. Will it warp the edges, fade its color, or perhaps even completely distort the image? Rarely, are we taught to ask questions or to be curious about our own assumptions?

What we see, simply becomes what is. It is our own perceptions and assumptions, however, that create illusions, discolorations, and distortions; anchored to logic and supported by validity, past perceptions, become current reality.

Unfortunately, while some assumptions may be valid, rarely are they accurate. They distort our perception overshadowing the possibilities of all that could be, of all that we could be.

Life is rarely, if ever, black and white. Yet, we so often find ourselves stuck within our own logical minds drowning in our assumptions. Life is so much more than that though.

Life is full of beautiful gray areas, vibrant colors, and infinite possibilities.

So, when asked if the glass is half empty or half full, logically, we can only assume to know the answer.

Within the realm of possibility, however, it could have been full at one point and time, empty at another, and then refilled another.

The glass could actually be empty and what you perceive as the contents filling the glass is actually just a reflection of something else.

Then again, is the glass ever really empty? If we apply what we know about energetic waves and particles of matter, does empty even exist?

What if the glass could never be more than three-quarters of the way full? Wouldn’t this change the meaning and definition of full, half-full, and perhaps even empty, at least within this particular context?

There are so many questions that could be asked but rarely do we ever ask them. Rarely are we taught how to be curious of ourselves.

Why is that? Does it even matter? Is really that important to ask ourselves questions? Really, how much can our own thoughts, ideas, and beliefs actually influence and shape anything in the world around us?

They don't. They influence and shape everything in the world around us.

While our current reality may be shaped by past thoughts and assumptions, our future reality is based on our current thoughts and assumptions. All of which are malleable and can be shifted.

You cannot possibly see the whole picture, the infinite possibilities, or exactly how all the colors will eventually blend and mix as you continue to paint the picture of your life.

So often, we view others and ourselves in the same way. We assume the brush we hold is the only brush we will ever have or even that, what’s been poured into our glass is all that will ever be.

What happens though, if we choose to change our brush? What happens if we choose to pour into our own cup? What if we choose to see beyond what’s logical, comfortable, or familiar. What if we choose to see beyond what we think we know, and allow ourselves to become uncomfortable?

Think about it, some of the most prized pieces of art are those of abstract colors and shapes, yet we value them. We appreciate how what seems to be a seemingly random, or meaningless shape, connects to the next shape, and then the next, to create a beautiful pattern of connected abstractions.

The most expensive wines are those that have been fermenting for years in the shadows of a cellar. Logically, we know we’re drinking nothing more than moldy grapes, yet we appreciate each sip. We enjoy the medley of flavors as they wash over our tastebuds. We close our eyes as we savor the moment and carefully appreciate each flavor found within the sip. Each flavor is unique and whole by itself but when mixed with the unique wholeness of other flavors, becomes an entirely different taste. An entirely different wine, even.

Assumptions and perceptions based on past reality will always be valid. How you choose to view the glass will always be valid. Choosing to question yourself and how you have come to know what you know, differently, however, is not only valid, it has the power to shift your entire reality.

We will never be able to see the full picture or answer questions concerning the future with 100% certainty. We can only assume that how we choose to see and what we choose to focus on right now, informs the next frame, the next glass, or the next chapter. What we can be certain of, however, is that everything is connected, nothing ever exists in isolation.

Originally posted on June 5, 2021

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