The Rosebud

Not fully bloomed, yet already so beautiful. Not fully mature, yet elegant in its youth. Not fully colored, yet vibrant and rich the rosebud still is.

We revel in the beauty of the rosebud and take time to admire and appreciate the delicate and intricate patterns of connection between the petals; each petal similar to, yet different from the next.

And, even though we have seen roses many times in our life, we take joy in each new stage of growth, knowing that each rosebud is unique and that it takes time for it to fully bloom into the rose it is meant to be.

We don't sit waiting for it to bloom. We don't agonize over the first sign of wilting and we don't throw it away when we are stuck by a thorn.

Instead, we continue to nourish the rosebud. We prune away the wilted parts to make space for new growth and we take time to heal any wound left by a thorn. We appreciate the rosebud for all that it is and for all that it will be; its beauty, its growth, its wilted parts, and its thorns.

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